The Story of us

Imagine a world where we are all connected. Trees, plants, the birds and humans. Lush, safe, sustainable living: where the soils are rich, the earth fertile and our future safeguarded. Picture a world without wildfires, tsunamis or out-of-season hurricanes.

This is Multitax. We are a technology-driven environmental for-profit enterprise whose vision is to safeguard our environmental security on this planet.

How? We do this by making it cool, trendy, and easy to plant trees. Your trees. With others.

Why is this important?

  1. Because trees sequester carbon, prevent soil erosion and create habitats for wildlife and people.

  2. Because we believe real change happens when people feel the sense of belonging and community instead of disenfranchisement from the land. Our goal: help every human feel more connected to the earth, forests, oceans, and other humans again.


Our Team

We are a team of 6. We are American, Georgian, Dutch, Singaporean. We are software developers, entrepreneurs, anthropologists and environmental scientists. We are former Ivy Leaguers, business women and men, and entrepreneurial advisors. We have a breadth of experience across fintech, greentech and sustainability, and we’ve also driven international reforestation movements.

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